Biden Admin Purges Public Records Of $83B In Weapons, Aid Handed From US Taxpayers To Afghanis

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 3, 2021
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Remember when the US Congress declined to issue a Declaration of War to invade Afghanistan, something required by their Constitution in order to have any President send members of the US armed forces into a foreign land to become an occupying force?

Remember the $83 BILLION in weapons, vehicles, infrastructure, aid, training, and other sundries that the politicians in DC showered on Afghani interests or the US soldiers stationed there, much of which has been left in that foreign land now that the US forces have departed?

Well, you might not have an easy time remembering it in the future, because numerous news outlets are reporting that the Biden Administration is systematically eliminating the records from public view.

As The Daily Mail’s Senior US Political Reporter Rob Crilly and the Daily Mail’s Ross Ibbetson explain:

The Biden administration has begun scrubbing public records detailing the $82.9 billion U.S. investment in Afghanistan’s armed forces to protect Afghan officials and military officers from Taliban reprisals.

Is that really the reason? The ONLY reason? After all, reports tell us that the Taliban is now ruling the nation, and that their forces have acquired a lot of the “investments.”

Federal agencies have been told to remove information detailing the colossal investment from website as Afghanistan’s new rulers show off their newly acquired hardware.

And, offer Crilly and Ross:

Taliban fighters stood aboard captured Humvees and armored SUVs as they paraded through Kandahar, where propaganda video has circulated of a Black Hawk flying overhead.

In all, they are believed to have seized an air force worth tens of millions of dollars although U.S. officials say aircraft were disabled before the departure of international troops.


Perhaps, just perhaps, the US Constitution forbade them from bringing all of it there without Congressional approval in the first place.

Just a thought…

The total amount of hardware supplied to Afghanistan is staggering. Between 2003 and 2016, the U.S. supplied 208 aircraft and almost 76,000 vehicles, along with 600,000 weapons, according to a 2017 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

But details of that weaponry is (sic) now disappearing under orders from the State Department.

No kidding…

Like the oaths politicians in DC and state governments take to “protect and defend the US Constitution” the information is being scrubbed.

And the politicians no doubt will take even more of your money to fund “international nation-building” next year.


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