Biden Admin. Spending $1 Billion of ‘Inflation Reduction’ Grants on ‘Equitable Access to Trees and Green Spaces’

Craig Bannister | April 19, 2023
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The Biden Administration is spending $1 billion of taxpayer money from Pres. Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” on grants “to increase equitable access to trees and green spaces” in urban and community forests.

The grants will create “jobs in tree-planting and maintenance” and advance “environmental justice” - all while combating climate change - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a press release announcing the $1 billion in grants:

“Whether it’s reducing heat stress or creating jobs in tree-planting and maintenance, this grant funding will support local communities and partners who are working on the ground to advance environmental justice by mitigating the impact of climate change on communities who lack tree cover in urban spaces while giving kids more safe spaces to play outdoors.”

“The funding for these efforts is made possible by President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and is part of a 10-year, $1.5 billion investment in the Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Program,” the USDA explains.

States and territories will receive $250 million of the $1 billion of tree/green-equity grants, with the largest share ($43 million) going to California.