Biden Appears To Fall Asleep During Ceremony Honoring Hawaiian Wildfire Victims

Brittany M. Hughes | August 22, 2023
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President Joe Biden has spent the first part of this week in Maui visiting with displaced survivors of the deadly wildfires that have destroyed entire towns in the Hawaiian islands -and suffice it to say, the event hasn’t been without it’s…how shall we put it…very Biden-esque moments.

Not longer after giving a speech in which he compared islanders losing their homes, livelihoods, and entire communities to the inferno to that time 20 years ago when he almost lost his Corvette to a small kitchen fire, Biden again made waves Tuesday when he appeared to fall asleep during a ceremony honoring the more than 100 Hawaiians who’ve perished in the blaze.

What was supposed to be a trip displaying Biden’s great sympathy for the embattled state struggling to deal with the fallout from the historic fires quickly turned into a gaffe-riddled cringefest, with the president kicking off his tour by joking about how hot the ground was.

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Perhaps Biden should just go back to his never-ending string of tax-funded vacations. Because even those aren't quite as insulting.

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