Biden Bans Terms Like 'Illegal Alien,' 'Assimilation' From Federal Agencies to Preserve Illegal Aliens' 'Dignity'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 20, 2021
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President Joe Biden has officially banned non-“inclusive” terms like “illegal alien” from his administration’s "preferred" vocabulary – despite their still being included in a slew of U.S. laws and legal documents.

But the heck with words and what they actually mean - “wokeness” and feelings are now all that matter, and we must take care not to offend those who’ve openly violated our law and are living in our country without any legal right to do so. 

In a new memo issued Monday, one of Biden’s top immigration officials instructed the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection agencies to replace certain words for more “inclusive” verbiage, including swapping the term “alien” for “non-citizen” and trading “assimilation” for less exclusionary word “integration.” 

“As the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, we set a tone and example for our country and partners across the world,” acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller wrote in the memo. “We enforce our nation’s laws while also maintaining the dignity of every individual with whom we interact. The words we use matter and will serve to further confer that dignity to those in our custody.”

The memo also instructs the agencies to stop using the term “unaccompanied alien children” to describe the surge of thousands of illegal alien kids who’ve streamed across the border since Biden’s inauguration in January, saying to instead call them “noncitizen unaccompanied children"...while still cramming them into overfull border facilities without proper COVID testing after first encouraging them to make the dangerous and often deadly journey through Central America and into the United States at the hands of human traffickers.

How generous.

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However, the administration all but openly admits in the memo that the move is largely a publicity stunt meant to appease leftists who consider words like “alien” to be derogatory and to seemingly break from the Trump administration’s more hard-lined stance against illegal immigration. In the same memo, Miller added that the agencies could continue using words like “illegal alien” in official legal documents to stay in line with U.S. immigration law that’s been passed by both Democrats and Republicans for decades.

“As needed and appropriate, CBP may use applicable terms defined in the Immigration Nationality Act in legal or operational documents, including when completing required forms, particularly where legally required or necessary to ensure the procedural rights of those whom CBP encounters,” Miller’s memo added.

It looks like borders and walls have been replaced by smoke and mirrors.