Biden Battles Due Process Rules For Those Accused Of Sexual Misconduct On Campus

Jessica Kramer | March 12, 2021
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Joe Biden wants to roll back the Trump administration rule for college students which clearly defined sexual harassment and required hearings and cross examination of the witnesses involved. 

Biden has ordered a review of a Trump administration rule on how colleges handle sexual misconduct allegations, beginning what is likely to be a long process of undoing the policy.

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In 2011 the Obama administration instituted fewer due-process rights through the force of law, denying the accused the ability to question accusers, the right to review the allegations and the right to call witnesses.  The Trump administration re-instituted those elements that allow for a basic defense to be mounted – but now they could disappear again.

MRCTV spoke with Sarah Parshall Perry, a legal fellow from The Heritage Foundation about what the rollback could mean for college campuses across the nation.