Biden Caught Maskless In Nantucket Store Despite Its BIG 'Masks Required' Sign

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 29, 2021
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One might be forgiving thinking this new story seems to fit the category of “leftovers” after the holiday. After all, the repeated onslaught of hypocrisy from authoritarian politicians who break their own authoritarian COVID-19 edicts already is long, but, rest assured, that the list of politicians and incidents of towering hypocrisy continues to grow like fungus on the fallen tree of US liberty, and this time, it’s Joe Biden who’s the culprit – again.

Evidently thinking it would be nice to display his obnoxious “rules for thee and not for me” behavior a bit farther north from the Jefferson Memorial – where he went maskless mere moments after issuing his mask edict for federal properties – “man of the people” Joe this time got caught maskless on the Gilligan’s Island for rich celebs, Nantucket, Massachusetts.



As Andrew Mark Miller reports for FoxNews, maskless Joe was video-recorded through the glass of a store door – a door with the “Required: Face Coverings” sign on it:

The president was seen inside Murray’s Toggery Shop on the island of Nantucket Saturday with his mask around his neck and not covering his mouth despite a visible sign outside the door instructing patrons to wear a mask.

Of course, many who believe that Joe is suffering cognitive decline might argue that this is yet another manifestation of that trouble, but Biden long has shown contempt for the average man.

Be it his numerous examples of trying to use the words of others as his own (including FIVE pages of another person’s work for a piece he wrote in LAW SCHOOL), or his taking a knee for “justice reform” despite being the progenitor of the 1994 federal “three strikes” statute that disproportionately put black Americans behind bars, “Man of The People Joe” is more a “Man of The Beautiful People.”

And, with this new incident on Nantucket, a more glaring example of an elitist assuming political privilege could not be found.

It seems as if, even among the highfalutin -- even in the circles of the pretentious -- Biden is more elite than the elite.

Nantucket, where Biden is spending his Thanksgiving holiday, re-instituted an indoor mask mandate earlier this month.

Curiously, one might think that if Biden wanted to uphold his oath to the US Constitution, he might tell the government of Nantucket that this mandate violates many key portions of the Bill of Rights as well as the Contract Clause of the Constitution.

But, like his stance on mask-wearing, Biden’s position having sworn an oath to the US Constitution appears to be nothing more than pretense.

In this, he fits right in with other elitists, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Maine Governor Janet Mills, former Rhode Island Governor (now Biden’s Commerce Secretary) Gina Raimondo, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and many more.

These would be the seeming self-seen elites who tell others how to live and operate their businesses, even as they live off the productive work of those they ridicule and command.

What’s at the heart of this is hypocrisy from those who try to control us – and they keep trying to control us regardless of the supposed “crisis” or rationale.

Those, they will make up, any time, until people begin to push back and tell these hypocrites that they have no moral or governmental power to do so.