Biden Claims Republicans Are 'Trying To Keep the Black Vote From Even Counting'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 1, 2022
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President Joe Biden repeated the falsehood that Republicans in red states are actively attempting to keep black Americans from being able to vote, going so far as to say the GOP is "trying to keep the black vote...from even counting."

“We’re protecting our country’s threshold liberty, the sacred right to vote, which I’ve never seen as under such attack," Biden said Monday during a Black History Month ceremony. "You know, it’s always made it harder for blacks to vote, but this is trying to be able figure out how to keep the black vote, when it occurs, from even counting.”

GOP-led voter integrity laws in many red states across the country have limited mail-in voting, which is difficult to verify, and begun requiring people to show a photo ID at the polls to authenticate they are who they say they are and that they have a legal right to vote. Some states have also restricted early voting and banned ballot-harvesting, in which a third party collects votes and delivers them en masse.

No law bars black Americans – or Americans of any other ethnicity – from voting, or seeks to throw out legitimate votes when they are cast.

According to polls, 75 percent of Americans - including 69 percent of blacks - support voter ID laws.