Biden Ed. Secretary Can't Define 'Woman' in Heated Exchange During Testimony

John Simmons | April 20, 2023
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If a nation is led by men and women who do not honor truth and morality, it can expect dark days to lie ahead.

U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona was testifying before the House Appropriations Committee earlier this week, and the topic of his department’s proposed changes to Title IX was a topic of discussion. The Department of Education wants to expand the language of Title IX to essentially prevent federally funded schools from excluding transgendered females from women’s sports, and Cardona is the mastermind behind this attempted change.

Because this whole idea is completely absurd, Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) exposed the negative effects this proposed change would have on the future of women’s sports. 

Clyde summed up his monologue by asking Cardona if he and his department could explain the difference between males and females.

“Since Title IX prohibits discrimination between male and female to ensure that each gets appropriate funding, I think it’s important that the country sees that HHS understands the difference,” Clyde said. “So can you please tell me or can you please define for me what is a woman?”

Seems like a fair question to ask. After all, if Cardona is going to suggest passing new legislation to protect women’s rights, he should have a concrete idea of what a woman is.

But he doesn’t. When asked the first time, he completely avoided answering the question.

“Our focus at the department is to provide equal access to students, including students who are LGBTQ, access free from discrimination,” Cardona said

That’s not what the question was.

Clyde pressed him multiple times to directly answer the question, and each time Cardona’s answers became more evasive.

The full interaction is below:

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Progressives everywhere seem to be unable to answer this question. New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins was unable to define “woman” earlier this month, and we have a Supreme Court Justice - Kentaji Brown Jackson - who has the same problem. Now, we have a man who can’t answer the same elementary question representing our education department.

Being a woman is not a matter of taking pills and letting a doctor cut off your male genitalia. A woman is an adult human female, and you can only be a woman if you are born one.

It seems Cardona should take a middle school biology refresher course to learn these basic truths before he starts radically changing the language of Title IX to include biological men.

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