Biden Embassy to Vatican: Pride Month is Our Holy Time

Matt Philbin | June 1, 2022
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The super devoutly Catholic president of the United States has a super devoutly media Catholic ambassador to the Vatican. Like Joe Biden, former senator Joe Donnelly (D - In)  is an abortion enthusiast abortion and he’s up on all the latest LGBTXYZ+-*^%. You know, like all the folks the media tells us are super devout Catholics.

Today is a High Holy in the Progressive liturgical calendar: The First Day of the 29-Day Feast of Leather Banana Hammock, so The Embassy to the Vatican let its freak flag fly. Literally.

Were Pope Francis a Catholic, rather than a Jesuit, he might take offense at the rainbow middle finger from America. But he won’t say anything, and Biden and Donnelly can feel good that they’re showing their virtue. Next week, Drag Queen Story Hour at the Vatican Library!