Biden FCC Pick Says Her Past Calls to Censor Conservative Media Are OK Because They Were Made As a 'Private Citizen'

Brittany M. Hughes | February 9, 2022
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President Joe Biden’s nominee for the Federal Communications Commission commissioner Gigi Sohn says not to worry about her previous tweets suggesting the government should take action against right-leaning “propaganda” media outlets like Fox News, because those comments were made as a “private citizen.”

“Those tweets came in the discussion of Big Tech and whether they should be responsible for disinformation. And they were said as a public advocate and a private citizen. It has no bearing on any proceeding that Fox would be involved in,” Sohn offered by way of excuse during her second Senate confirmation hearing for her previous tweets calling Fox News “state sponsored propaganda."

“Fox is not a regulatee of the FCC. It’s a cable network and the FCC doesn’t regulate them,” she continued, before adding that this was “besides the point.”

“The larger point is that the tweets were said in my personal capacity,” she added, saying she wishes her “tone were less sharp” in her earlier comments but that her personal opinions would have “no bearing” on any issue she would be called to deal with as FCC commissioner.

Sohn, who co-founded an advocacy group funded by far-left billionaire George Soros, had suggested in a 2020 tweet that the Senate should hold hearings regarding Fox News as “state-sponsored propaganda” that’s had “the most negative impact on our democracy.”