Biden Wishes Kamala 'Happy Birthday To a Great President'

Brittany M. Hughes | October 24, 2022
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President Joe Biden forgot he's president - again.

Speaking at an event celebrating Diwali Monday, Biden wished Vice President Kamala Harris - born October 20, 1964 - a "happy birthday" to a "great president," seeming to forget, he's actually the president.

'Happy birthday to a great president," Biden said, turning to Harris before joking that the Vice President had just turned 30 (she's now 58, but oh, well).

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It's not the first time Biden's referred to Harris as the president, as the 79-year-old seems to have regular trouble keeping up with who's who - and who's even alive. At another event last month, the president appeared to search the crowd for a congresswoman who'd already died.


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