Biden’s Abortion-Pushing EO Is Just the Start Of More Anti-Life, Anti-Constitution 'Executive Action'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 11, 2022
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MRCTV readers got an excellent heads-up from Tierin-Rose Mandelburg’s July 8 piece on Joe Biden’s impending “Executive Order” that he and many dinosaur media chatterboxes heralded as “action to protect a woman’s right to choose” and “action to protect a woman’s access to ‘reproductive healthcare.’”

As Mandelburg observed, the Biden “fact sheet,” released prior to his signing of the EO, indicated that “Biden has denied the religion that he claims to be devoutly committed to in order to bow down to the disgusting pro-abortionist narrative.”

And she warned readers to expect Biden to include in his abortion-pushing EO four monumentally unconstitutional and language-bending, truth-averse moves:

  • Safeguarding access to reproductive health care services, including abortion and contraception;
  • Protecting the privacy of patients and their access to accurate information;
  • Promoting the safety and security of patients, providers, and clinics; and
  • Coordinating the implementation of Federal efforts to protect reproductive rights and access to health care.


Now, we can refer to the text, and focus on some imperative questions that anyone interested in honesty, natural law, peace, equal protection under the law, and the U.S. Constitution might want to ask Mr. Biden and his ethically challenged acolytes in government, media, and government-tied corporations like Planned Parenthood.

First, his EO stresses that, within 30 days of his unilateral, Constitution-defying Executive Branch move, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Xavier Beccera will release a report outlining ways to:

  • Expand access to abortion and “the full range of reproductive healthcare services, including actions to enhance family planning services such as access to emergency contraception.”

Even if abortion were not part of the plan, and even if the word “contraception” were properly used here, rather than it being code for abortifacient – even if all of these things were peaceful and really for “health” and not deadly to a human fetus, not a bit of it is constitutionally sanctioned for the feds to fund, or encourage, in any way. Even if it were, magically, spent on real healthcare, every penny would be a violation of the rules of the federal government.

The EO also says Biden “orders” the HHS to include in its action:

  • (I)dentifying ways to increase outreach and education about access to reproductive healthcare services.

See the above, send the refutations to friends, and send them a link to the US Constitution, in case they have any problems comprehending these most fundamental points.

Then there’s:

“(A)  share information about how to obtain free or reduced cost reproductive healthcare services through Health Resources and Services Administration-Funded Health Centers, Title X clinics, and other providers; and 

(B)  include promoting awareness of and access to the full range of contraceptive services, as well as know-your-rights information for those seeking or providing reproductive healthcare services; and

(iii)  identifying steps to ensure that all patients ‑- including pregnant women and those experiencing pregnancy loss, such as miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies — receive the full protections for emergency medical care afforded under the law, including by considering updates to current guidance on obligations specific to emergency conditions and stabilizing care under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, 42 U.S.C. 1395dd, and providing data from the Department of Health and Human Services concerning implementation of these efforts.”

All of which is blatantly, toweringly unconstitutional, and reveals a long-standing habit of the feds to engage in this kind of activity, as well as a pervasive mindset on the part of many Americans to simply assume the acceptability of such bald-facedly immoral and unconstitutional actions. Even if one were to exclude the moral darkness of the taking of a fetal life, it wouldn’t matter if the feds wanted to offer emergency resurrection from the grave for citizens… They simply are not granted the constitutional power to do any of it, and they certainly have no moral authority to either get into the provision of abortion or to take other people’s money to pay for any of it.

Likewise, no President and no Congress has the power to assist, as Biden's EO says, “private pro-bono attorneys, bar associations, and public interest organizations in order to encourage lawyers to represent and assist patients, providers, and third parties lawfully seeking these services throughout the country.”

That’s “pro-bono” legal aid that the feds have no power to seek. And, undoubtedly, you’ll subsidize the overall operation of that system, at the end of a federal tax-man’s proverbial gun. It wouldn’t matter if the legal advice were for something innocuous – the constitutional and moral authority is utterly nonexistent.

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Just as fatuous and fraudulent, the Bidenistas want to engage in “Protecting Privacy, Safety, and Security” for abortion clinics, abortionists, and women interested in engaging in fetal murder-for-hire.

And then, there’s this:

“To address the potential threat to patient privacy caused by the transfer and sale of sensitive health-related data and by digital surveillance related to reproductive healthcare services, and to protect people seeking reproductive health services from fraudulent schemes or deceptive practices…”

This coming from an Administration which encouraged so-called “contact tracing” violations of the Fourth Amendment on every level of US governance, wants information regarding the jab status of truckers and shippers coming into the US, and coming from the former Vice-President who was in office to help push Obamacare, which triggered the portion of HIPAA (passed in 1996) to allow said savior of the HHS to attach a “unique health identifier” to each of us who visit any doctor involved with any federal program (such as Medicaid, Medicare, CHIPS, etc.). That ID would then allow the HHS Secretary to call on the medical care providers to turn over every scrap of our private health records, completely contrary to the Fourth Amendment. If you doubt this, simply read pages 75-94 of the original bill, which was passed with a lot of RINO help, by the way.

There is much, much more in the EO, and all of it stands as a towering middle-finger to not only the recent federalism-affirming SCOTUS decision in “Dobbs”, but as an insult to the Constitution, the English language, truth, you, me, all Americans, human life, and God.

This is just the beginning. And I suspect Biden and Becerra and Harris (the latter two of whom were integral in persecuting a journalist named David Daleiden, who, working with the Center for Medical Progress, shot undercover video exposing questionable practices of abortionists in California circa late 2015 into 2016.

These people are utterly hostile to the principles of the Constitution and life itself.

Biden is showing this with as much gusto as he seems able to muster, and it’s likely that his Justice Department will use his EO as a way to demonize pro-life Americans as "potential terrorists" the way it tried to demonize parents who reveal concern about their leftist local school boards.

This really is just the start. Be ready to spread the word and educate friends and family.

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