Biden's Border: Shocking Video Shows Hordes of Illegal Aliens Pouring Into Texas Town

Brittany M. Hughes | April 28, 2023
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In what’s become almost a mind-numbingly repetitive scene from a border the Biden administration has all but abandoned to drug cartels and human traffickers, massive hordes of illegal aliens are being apprehended on a daily basis in Brownsville, Texas – a town so swamped with migrants, they’re expected to soon declare a state of emergency over the influx.

Which, naturally, will do about as much good as all the other border towns that have tried to sound the alarm over the border surge. Meaning none.

Video from Brownsville show huge crowds of illegal aliens camped out on the ground next to tankards of water as overwhelmed border agents try to process all of them.

According to Todd Bensman, a fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, local reporters say the heavy stream of migrants has continued unabated for days.

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Most of the illegal aliens in the video appear to be young men, which tracks with Customs and Border Protection data that shows young adult males make up the vast majority of undocumented migrants caught crossing from Mexico in between ports of entry.

Border Report states a field behind Texas Southmost College’s baseball diamond is being used to process hundreds of migrants at a time, many of whom are released onto the streets and given bus tickets out of town. More than 5,000 illegal aliens have reportedly crossed into Brownsville this week alone.

So far this fiscal year, which began Oct. 1, more than 1.22 million illegal aliens have been apprehended illegally crossing the Southwest U.S. border, while more than two million were caught last year.

But if you think that's bad, just wait until the Trump-era Title 42 program expires on May 11, which even Biden DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says will likely trigger a rush on the border that makes the current deluge look like a trickle - even as he claims our border "is not open" to illegal migration. To try and stem the impending tide, the White House says it's opening migrant processing centers in Central American countries to help would-be immigrants apply for asylum before making the dangerous journey into the United States unlawfully. However, similar efforts in the past have largely failed to stop migrants from skipping the line and crossing into the U.S. the old-fashioned way.

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