Biden's Border Wall Finally Went Up - Around His Own Beachside Mansion

Brittany M. Hughes | January 10, 2023
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When it comes to erecting physical barricades for security, it's "walls for me and not for thee" from President Joe Biden, for whom a construction crew just started work on a massive cement hedge between his Delaware mansion and the rest of the world.

For protection, of course - which is apparently something the rest of the country doesn't warrant.

The first building blocks in the $500,000 taxpayer-funded wall, which was first budgeted in 2021 and which will stand long after Biden has existed office, were laid last week outside the president's beachside digs in the swanky neighborhood of Rehoboth Beach. Ironically, the work began just as Biden finally found his way to the Southwest U.S. border, where the streets were cleared and crowds of pesky migrants shooed away ahead of his largely pointless visit. 

Meanwhile, tall, solid walls of gray stone and white fencing popped up outside the president's waterfront estate, where he and his wife, Jill, are known to spend copious amounts of their time.

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"So, walls work at Joe Biden's beach house, but not the southern border?' Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan mocked on Twitter.

Yup. Looks like.

Meanwhile, more than 2.2 million illegal aliens were apprehended at the Southwest U.S. border last year alone, not including those who managed to cross over undetected. The number of illegal aliens swarming into the United States on a daily basis has ramped up to unprecedented levels since Biden first took office in January 2021, when he canceled President Donald Trump's border wall project shortly after being inaugurated.

Maybe he needed to free up a little cash for his own privacy fence.

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