Biden’s Borders: US Residents Now Cross To Get Gas In Mexico

Eric Scheiner | March 15, 2022
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“We’ve had more clients come from the U.S. than usual, we’ve seen an uptick in people filling up their tanks, and they have been filling up their whole tank when they come,” Juarez gas station attendant Oscar Jaquez told KVIA-TV.

With a gallon of gas about a dollar cheaper in Mexico, a reporter from the El Paso, Texas television station drove to Juarez to see if the savings was worth actually the trip. She found out that it was.

The reporter claimed that based on the hour and 45 minute trip and on the gas used on the journey, “If you were to go over to Mexico and fill-up a tank - even just one gallon in your tank, you would save 20 cents on that gallon.”

KTSM-TV in El Paso reports that many are crossing the border to fill up their tanks. A gas station manager in Juarez says Americans begin lining up at 6-AM.

“The first cars that come in are Americans, they have to wait for a while, the first thing they ask is ‘how much is the gas?’ Then they make the comment that it is so much more expensive over there,” gas vendor Victor Chavez said.

It seems Joe Biden's lack of leadership encourages all kinds of border crossings.

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