Biden's Marxist Comptroller Nominee Withdraws From Consideration

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 8, 2021

Despite President Joe Biden’s stellar track record in appointing absurdist, Kafka-esque nominees to positions such as Climate Czar John (“First Class”) Kerry, Transportation Pete (“Broken Streets") Buttigieg, and slippery political hack Attorney General Merrick (“Concerned Parents Are DANGEROUS”) Garland, one dearly loved nominee stood out for exposing just how absurdly Marxist the U.S. government is.

Her name is Saule Omarova. She’s a law professor at Cornell, and she was Biden’s nominee for “Comptroller of the Currency.”


Saule Omarova, the woman who graduated from Moscow State University on a Lenin scholarship (btw: if it’s a communist “Lenin” scholarship, do high-performers have to share their grades with under-performers?) has withdrawn her name from consideration for the vaunted post of heading the Fiat Currency Fiefdom.

Victoria Guida writes for Politico:

President Joe Biden’s choice for a key role policing the nation's banks withdrew her nomination Tuesday after facing pushback from several moderate Democrats, a rare defeat for the president on one of his personnel choices.

All quite valid reporting, but Guida kinda veers away from seeing reality when she writes:

Saule Omarova’s nomination as comptroller of the currency also met with fierce resistance from Republicans and business groups over her advocacy for a dominant role for government in finance, views that didn’t sit well with some Democrats either.

All of which is a bit of a smokescreen – be it intentional or errant – since the U.S. government ALREADY dominates finance and has done so contrary to the U.S. Constitution since the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 was passed, and, going back even further, when swaggering bankster Robert Morris pulled the strings with the cronyist “Bank of North America” and gained a virtual monopoly of deals with the Continental Congress during the American Revolution.

That is how old the problem is in the U.S. And, worldwide, the government influence on finance and money goes back even further in time, to the Roman Empire and earlier, to the time of Ptolemy IV, in Egypt, when their governments were spending so much, they would call back silver coins, shave off portions of those coins, mint new coins with the shaved silver, and then reissue the old coins and claim they were worth the same as they had been worth before being altered.

The U.S. government, like most others in world history, already has stolen dominant power over the U.S. economy – from its claim of power over finance, to travel, to imports, to taxation, to fascistic “licensing” and “regulation”. You can’t even buy a candy bar without some government busybody making the participants in the transaction chain (the suppliers of ingredients, maker of the bar, the deliverer driver, store owner, cashier) conform to political commands.

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The government already plays a “dominant role” in finance. The current question is how much more “dominant” it will be.

In other words, the key here is not Ms. Guida’s error, or even the movie-set fakery that “moderate” DC Dems were concerned about Omarova’s intent to supposedly have the government play a “dominant” role (when the feds already are dominant). It’s the pushback the politicians received from Americans who were upset about Omarova’s radical Marxism and her desire to mutate the already corrupt and inflationary U.S. currency system into a digital system completely controlled by the Federal Reserve.

As I reported October 5 for MRCTV, Omarova desires a digital currency, has advocated for the bankruptcy of small oil, coal, and natural gas companies, and openly praised the idea of banning any banks except those run by the Federal Reserve – that latter giving the government-granted monopoly bank the power to control all business loans and even freeze or syphon away private bank accounts of individuals (something the central bank of Cyprus did years ago).

But, Joe Biden’s team was intent on shaping the Omarova narrative.

’I have accepted Saule Omarova’s request to withdraw her name from nomination for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency,’ Biden said in a statement. ‘I nominated Saule because of her deep expertise in financial regulation and her long-standing, respected career in the private sector, the public sector, and as a leading academic in the field.’

The field of fascism, Marxism, and overall collectivist control of your life…

’Unfortunately, from the very beginning of her nomination, Saule was subjected to inappropriate personal attacks that were far beyond the pale,’ he said.

Anyone who looks at the criticism leveled at Omarova can see that it was philosophical, (and factual, even when one considers her shocking ARREST for SHOPLIFTING) not personal, and to paint it as personal is a perversion of reality. This is quite typical for political narrative pushers, who constantly gaslight their victims. Indeed, in all authoritarian regimes, when the victim speaks out about the abuse, the abuser claims the VICTIM is the abuser and aggressor.

Yes, in America and other gaslight regimes, the victim is the “threat.”

And so Omarova will be free to go back to her highly paid law prof job at Cornell, following the pattern of many Marxists who publicly decry the ownership of private property and the accumulation of wealth for others, even as they accrue wealth and try to aggrandize power unto themselves.

And Biden will nominate someone else to control the currency and banking “regulations.”

And few Americans will see the truth about the system – that truth being the fact that Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Plank Five, which called for central government control of money, banking, and credit, already has been implemented in the US.

The central government (through its creation, the Federal Reserve) already controls the very currency we use, despite the fact that the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power only to “coin money,” not paper money, not digital money, and not the sole money we legally are supposed to be free to use.

So Omarova’s nomination, as alarming as it was, merely brings to light the fact that, regardless of who sits in the Comptroller of the Currency position, the position itself already is a Marxist organ, pumping poison into the US economy.

The key lesson to come out of her withdrawal is the fact that the innate collectivism of the position, not the plans of person who might run it, is offensive.

And it’s the position, and government power itself, that should further be fought.