Big Brother Could be Watching Swiss Thermostats

Matt Philbin | September 12, 2022
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Switzerland – mountains, chocolates, watches, army knives, shady bank accounts and … bureaucrats snooping around people’s thermostats? It could happen this winter, if the Russia-Ukraine war continues and Putin cuts off the flow of gas to Western Europe. 

According to the Daily Mail, “Switzerland is considering putting anyone who heats their rooms above 19C in jail for up to three years.” (That’s 66.2F in Earth temperature.) If Switzerland has to resort to gas rationing, the use of radiant heaters will be banned, and you can forget about heating your swimming pool. There will also be restrictions for businesses. 

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“Markus Sporndli, who is a spokesman for the Federal Department of Finance, explained that the rate for fines on a daily basis could start at 30 Swiss Francs”, reported the Mail, and “the maximum fine could be up to 3,000 Swiss Francs.” ($3152.90)

Seems kind of drastic. Do they not have old people is Switzerland? More:

Advising the government, the report states that senior police officer Fredy Fassler has told them to 'only order measures that can be implemented, and above all, controlled.'  

And he has said that the proposed new measures should be implemented with a 'sense of proportion', emphasizing that he does not think police should go from door to door. 

Mr Fassler used the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, stating according to the report that there had been a 'culture of denunciation.'

Yeah, the Swiss Karens would be out in force.


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