Big of Him: Kaepernick Now Willing To Play Backup In NFL

John Simmons | April 19, 2022
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Colin Kaepernick changes his mind on the NFL more than Anthony Fauci changes his mind on how to effectively fight COVID.

Just six months ago, Kaepernick released a Netflix documentary in which he bashed the NFL for being no better than slave owners form the 1800s. He has repeatedly lambasted the NFL for ousting him (he says) from the league despite his social justice stunts that started in 2016.

But on the most recent episode of the I Am Athlete podcast, the social justice warrior claimed that he wants to get back in the NFL as soon as possible, even if it means being a backup. Mind you, this is the same guy who had the gall to say a month ago that despite not having played in an NFL game in roughly six years, he'd be a great fill in for a team looking to win a Super Bowl.

Kaepernick thinks he just needs a team to call him to prove he's ready.

The Return of Colin Kaepernick.
TOMORROW @ 12 PM EST ON YOUTUBE 🚨 @Kaepernick7

— I AM ATHLETE (@IAMATHLETEpod) April 17, 2022

For all our sakes, I wish Colin would just pick a side and stick with it.

For over half a decade, he's conducted this confusing dance with reality and cannot seem to decide what he wants from the NFL. One minute it's this big bad capitalistic organization that hates social justice and trades in human bondage, and now it's a convenient job opportunity. 

Outkick founder Clay Travis speculated that maybe the social justice crusades are not yielding enough money for Kaepernick to support himself.

“Why is he suddenly willing to work as a back up? Is his money vanishing? Is his relevance and influence plummeting? What is going on that #ColinKaepernick is begging so aggressively to be a slave again?” - @ClayTravis

— OutKick (@Outkick) April 19, 2022

"I wonder why his tune has changed so substantially in such short order ... What is going on that Colin Kaepernick is suddenly begging so aggressively for a backup job in the NFL?," Travis said.

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"I kind of welcome it because his martyrdom is over ..."

Travis nailed it with that last line. Regardless of if a team is foolish enough to give him a job, he no longer can play the martyr card if he is begging for a job from the organization he spurned.