Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Financially Supporting Program to End 'White Supremacy' in Math Schoolwork

Nick Kangadis | February 19, 2021
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Rich white liberal elites, am I right? They just can't help themselves when it comes to promoting being "anti-racist" while simultaneously pushing concepts that are overtly racist.

Case in point is billionaire philanthropist, medical "expert" and societal lecturer Bill Gates. He's been diving head first into many things lately - like buying up U.S. farmland to the point he's the largest farmland owner in the country while at the same time telling Americans they shouldn't eat real meat.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation "is the only donor listed on a website for a group dedicated to eliminating racism from the nation’s math curriculum."

The website in question, "A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction," has been recently reported on and gained attention for trying to claim that minority students who have to "show their work" on math assignments is a form of "white supremacy." That's not a joke.

This is the dumbest garbage you're going to read all week. The Daily Wire reported:

The guide claims that asking students to show their work is “a crutch” for teachers to understand what students are thinking. This is considered white supremacy because it allegedly reinforces “paternalism” and “worship of the written word.” Worship of the written word is an alleged foundation of white supremacy culture, which reinforces documentation and writing skills.

Math classes that focus on helping students get the right answer are also a form of perpetuating white supremacy. The guide claims that calling answers “right and wrong” perpetuates objectivity, which is considered a tenet of white culture. 

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Anyway, if you go to the website in question, way at the bottom of the webpage you'll see a special thank you to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their "generous financial support of this project." 

Just in case the notation just mentioned doesn't exist in the next couple of days on the website, below is a screenshot of the mention:


It's not actually clear how far Gates is going to take what appears to be his globalist utopia endgame. But, with the aggressive financial moves he's made throughout the pandemic, it is clear that he is up to something. Whether that something will eventually be considered a net positive or negative is up for debate.

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