Bill Burr Hates Freedom: Calls DeSantis a ‘Piece of Sh*t’ for Blocking Mask Mandates

Gabriel Hays | August 10, 2021
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Bill Burr is the champion of waffling between good opinions and downright awful ones. On a good day he hates cancel culture or CNN, but on a bad day he targets Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and calls him a “piece of shit” for blocking mask mandates.

So DeSantis is a POS for allowing more freedom? Kind of a stupid point to make, Mr. Burr.

The comedian and “Mandalorian” star tore into the governor and revealed his disdain for freedom during the latest episode of his “Monday Morning Podcast.” Burr began saying, “DeSantis, whoever this guy is — and they have the most grumpiest-looking photo ever — this guy is starting to build stature in 2024 and he says he disagrees on mask mandates.” Oh no, the contentious mask debate. Let’s see what Burr has to say on this ever important topic.  

“The amount of people who not only don’t even own a microscope or even have a pair of scrubs — you know, unless they went to some Halloween party — who are literally questioning doctors,” Burr opined incredulously. OK, so? Americans are allowed to run their own lives and enjoy their own freedom. Oh but yeah, every person has to do exactly what Fauci or the CDC says at all times just because they said so? 

It’s not like they have a perfect track record. Fauci has flip flopped on masks, and the CDC is now telling vaxxed people to mask up, even though two months ago they were telling people that if they got vaccinated, they wouldn’t have to wear a mask again. 

It sure seems strange for Burr to get on this soapbox, particularly when his whole comic brand has been built on extreme irreverence for what the status quo and what the cool kids say and do. While Burr is willing to mock social edifices like feminism or MeToo politics, someone in a lab coat that’s endorsed by the National Institutes of Health or the CDC renders him powerless to dissent or criticize. Hmm, sounds like Burr is too afraid to be on the wrong side of this issue. 

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So he became the useful idiot and slammed the media’s new conservative bogeyman. “These fucking piece of shit politicians,” he stated, adding, “[DeSantis] knows that that’s what his fanbase wants him to do, so that’s what the fuck he’s gonna do. Unbelievable.” Oh you mean DeSantis is representing the Republicans that put him in power? You don’t say?

Well why would a lefty elite like Bill Burr understand that concept? His preferred politicians – those on the left – want to rule people, rather than represent them. Burr’s whole anti-DeSantis diatribe boils down to him bleating like a sheep for government control over his life – excuse the cliché. 

It’s not like Governor Ron DeSantis is saying that no people in Florida can wear masks, he’s making sure that people will not be forced to wear them. If Bill’s going to have a character assassinating conniption over people being free, then why was he sympathizing with co-star Gina Carano after she got fired from The Mandalorian for expressing her conservative beliefs? Here, Bill seems inconsistent, and primarily politically motivated.