Bill Eliminating Many ‘Gun Free Zones' Moves Forward in Mo.

Eric Scheiner | March 29, 2018
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Missouri Republicans moved forward on a bill Wednesday that would allow concealed carry with or without a permit into 10 locations previously considered gun free zones.

HB 1936 removes several current locations that are considered gun free zones under law. Churches, amusement parks, stadiums, hospitals, casinos, bars, child care facilities, polling locations, local government buildings and state government buildings.

The Missouri House Rules Committee passed the bill in an 8-3 vote Wednesday.

The St. Louis American reports that Democrats are calling this the “guns everywhere agenda.”

State Rep. Michael Butler (D-St. Louis) voted against the measure, along with other Democrats on the Legislative Rules Committee. Butler was critical of Missouri Republicans’ 'guns everywhere' agenda.

'This is their solution to the Parkland shooting, and it’s not going to work,' Butler said. 'They believe when people have guns, they won’t get shot.'

Butler believes the bill will probably make it to the House floor for a final vote next week.

Supporters testified that gun-free zones just create opportunities for shooters, according to the bill summary.

'Establishing gun free zones has not ended mass shooting,' the bill summary states of supporters’ testimonies. “Law enforcement can't be everywhere; they can't stop all crimes in progress. People need to be able to defend themselves.”

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