Bill Maher Calls Out 'White Liberals' For Their Constant 'White Shame' Outrage On Behalf of Black People

Nick Kangadis | September 30, 2019
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Ah, guilty white liberals. People so “woke” they hate themselves. Enter Bill Maher. You don’t, and probably won’t, agree with everything Maher said in this past weekend’s rant he had against “white liberals” and their outrage over, well, everything. But, why do we need to agree with every syllable someone else says in order to agree on the basic sentiment of the message?

On this weekend's edition of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the liberal host conducted his “New Rule” segment in which he called out “white liberals” for their constant offense about being white.

“You can’t be more offended than the victim,” Maher said towards the beginning of his rant, directly to “white liberals.”

Absolutely! It seems as though people nowadays become offended as some self-righteous way to garner sympathy from others, when nothing has actually befallen them.

Are you offended? Okay. What now? Nothing happens, so get over your outrage, because no one cares.

Here’s, perhaps, the best point Maher made throughout the seven-plus minute rant:

There was a study done last year where people were asked to rate their feelings about various races, and white liberals were the only group who has a bias against themselves. They want to hang out only with people who are not them. That’s like your mother preferring the neighbor’s kids. There is a weird self-loathing going on amongst white liberals, and it’s not helping anyone. Lifting up those who society has cheated or forsaken, that’s liberalism. Hating all things white is just tedious virtue signaling.

What Maher said should be common sensical and logical to anyone with two eyes, two ears and a brain. But, too often we see guilty, white liberal elitists preach to the rest of us how racist, sexist or homophobic the rest of us are. Don’t listen to these people, or take what they’re saying as having any level of truth to it, unless there’s legitimate racism, sexism or homophobia going on.

“But, black folks are not asking whites to always be flagellating themselves, because it makes everything awkward…awkward,” Maher said further on in his rant. “It puts the burden on black people to absolve you. It’s really asking black people to, again, do something for you: ‘Absolve me! Forgive me! Recognize that I’m one of the good white people.’ Jesus.”

Despite not agreeing with everything Maher said during this rant, I recognize the sentiment and purpose behind it. That message is, ‘Lighten up and get over yourselves, people!’

For Maher’s full rant, watch below (WARNING: Some strong language):


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