Bill Maher: 'The Clintons - They Gotta Go Away,' 'Bill is Damaged Goods'

Nick Kangadis | October 28, 2019
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During the 2016 presidential race, some said that they wanted no more of the Bushes or the Clintons when it came to the White House. Since the election some have even said that they don’t want anymore of the Clintons, period.

Liberal talk show host Bill Maher has consistently been one of those people, and he reiterated that stance this past weekend on his HBO show, “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Maher was talking with his panel about how the rumors that failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton runs for the highest office in the land in 2020 is affecting the party in general.

Needless to say, Maher didn't have the most flattering things to say about the Clintons.

“The Clintons — they gotta go away,” Maher said to laughter and applause. “I’m saying this now, a year out. They can’t be at the convention.”

Maher went on to talk about the value of trotting out former president Bill Clinton, as the Clinton name might now be damaging to the Democratic Party.

“And Bill is damaged goods,” Maher continued. “I just think they gotta go away. We can’t associate the Democratic Party…”

You can watch Maher’s comments below:

As noted above, this wasn’t the first time Maher called out at least Hillary Clinton following the election of President Donald Trump. In 2017, Maher was speaking to another panel when he called out the failures of Clinton.

“Hillary, stay in the woods,” Maher said. “You had your shot, you f***ed it up, you’re [late former Boston Red Sox player] Bill Buckner. We had the World Series, and you let the grounder go through your legs. Let someone else have the chance.

The fact that she’s coming back, it just verifies every bad thing everyone’s ever thought about the Clintons — that it’s all about them. Let some of the other shorter trees get a little sunlight.”

For Maher’s 2017 comments, watch below:


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