Billionaire Tom Steyer Pledges $22 Minimum Wage If He's Elected

Brittany M. Hughes | February 11, 2020
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Tom Steyer sees Elizabeth Warren’s free college and Bernie Sanders’ free healthcare and raises you…

…one $22 minimum wage. 

According to his announcement in South Carolina this week, that’s what the billionaire and presidential candidate is now promising if he’s elected in November, making the new claim on Sunday just hours before the New Hampshire primary kicked off Tuesday morning.

White Sanders and Warren have both pledged $15 an hour minimum wage if they’re elected, Steyer is upping his pledge to $22, more than three times the current federally mandated $7.25-an-hour minimum.

As Fox News noted, one Congressional Budget Office report published in last July estimated that 1.3million workers could lose their jobs if the national minimum wage were increased to $15 an hour. So while there’s no way of determining exactly how many jobs would bite the dust should the minimum wage be catapulted to $22 an hour, it’s reasonable to assume it would be…well, a lot, including throughout countless small businesses across the country that can't afford to pay their employees double or triple their current salary.