Biological Male Claims Real Lady Parts Are 'Inferior' To 'Designer' Trans Vaginas

Brittany M. Hughes | January 19, 2023
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The fallacy of man believing he is smarter than God is far from new, but this takes that arrogance to a whole new level.

According to this trans person, man-made lady parts are not only fantastic, they’re superior to the ones the good Lord gave biological women. Why? Because they cost more.

“People are really out here saying that trans coochie is the inferior product. I’m sorry, we have the designer, expensive, bougie-coochie,” this man masquerading as a woman claims.

“You’re telling me, if someone says, ‘Would you like this free paper bag that came with my groceries, or would you like this $35,000 bag,’ you’re taking the designer Birkin, babe,” he went on, adding, “You’re just mad that trans girls don’t want to put trash like you in our designer bags.”

Heaven have mercy, where to begin. Or, maybe we just shouldn’t.

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It doesn’t take more than a quick Google search and reading the testimonies of a few post-op trans people to know that the “designer” parts artificially created in an operating room for mentally confused men don’t have the function or…how shall I put it delicately?…the sensation of the real deal. Nor, of course, do fake hoo-hahs assist in reproduction, for which we can all be immensely grateful.

But not only is this person factually wrong, he’s also highly insulting - both to the Divine Creator he thinks a surgeon can outperform, and to the biological women he believes are “inferior” to men who’ve co-opted their parts. Then again, it's long been established that the alphabet mafia don't much care about actual women in their crusade to erase all things female from society.

Calling women the "inferior product" just puts it more bluntly.