‘Bisexual Superman’ Writer Gloats About Effort to ‘Reimagine the Superhero’

Gabriel Hays | November 16, 2021
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The creators of the new bisexual Superman are fully admitting that their new LGBTQ “Man of Steel” was a premeditated piece of propaganda aimed at getting more people to come out of the closet. Yep, these self-important people really think they are anointed to change society as if they themselves are the harbingers of inevitable Utopia.

Ironically, this is the same attitude the greatest comic supervillains throughout history have adopted and it usually doesn’t turn out well for them.

A recent piece published by The Washington Post just ahead of the comic book in which Superman’s son and superhero successor comes out of the closet officially as bi detailed how the graphic novel’s authors wanted the opportunity to “reimagine the superhero of all superheroes.” 

So, they made him sexually perverse. Wow, what an amazing, clever and never-before-seen reimagining!

Tom Taylor, who wrote the new comic book based on Joe Kent, the new Superman, told Post writer David Betancourt, “This was an opportunity to do something different, something not seen before. And to have this Superman represent people who haven’t been represented before and haven’t been able to see themselves in Superman.”

“Something not seen before?” Is this guy serious? Does he not know how many gay characters have been shoehorned into media franchises in the last couple years? Well, I guess to be fair, this is the first time a gay Superman has existed.

Ah, Ok. Never mind. This is a beautiful revolutionary moment worthy of supreme pomp and circumstance. I’m crying for joy as I’m writing this. Trust me.

“To pitch something like this [to DC] is a little bit daunting. You go, are they going to go with this?” he added. Really, dude? They introduced a lesbian Batwoman on TV like two years ago, and more recently, made Robin bisexual. 

He then made another annoying statement. “Historically, I have had queer characters erased or rejected [at other publishers]. But there’s been a real shift, a really welcome shift in comics.” Well,- maybe he has. But for him to act like he’s broken new ground, when the LGBTQ community is severely overrepresented in mainstream media portrayals, and continues to grow, is a bit self-indulgent.

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But Taylor will never admit that. His apparent liberal messiah complex is being reinforced by overdramatic LGBTQ types who claim that new Bisexual Superman has given them the courage to come out. The Washington Post wrote that fans “told him they’ve now found the strength to come out to their families or are hopeful they’ll be able to in the future.”

Wow, when you’re waiting for a specific comic book character to validate your identity, you might have bigger problems.

He stated, “It’s these people all around the world from so many countries where they don’t feel safe coming out, but they still wanted to let me know that this moment had made their lives a bit better or made who they are a little bit easier.” Wow, thank you so much, Tom.

He then told the paper, “First and foremost, I wanted to establish [Jon Kent] as Superman. I didn’t want the narrative to be DC Comics creates new [bisexual] Superman. I wanted it to [later] be Superman comes out, because … that is much more powerful.” 

Yeah, see? These people are hijacking pop culture icons to force insidious cultural change. Nerd culture needs to be stopped at all costs.