Black Congressman EVISCERATES the Left's 'Racism' Narrative on Illegal Immigration

Brittany M. Hughes | February 3, 2023
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Newly elected Congressman Wesley Hunt, a Republican from Texas, pulled absolutely no punches in destroying the left’s race-baiting narrative on illegal immigration during a committee hearing Thursday, slamming the Democrat Party for constantly using racism as a scapegoat to push their agenda.

“This is actually not about race,” Hunt, a black man, began. “This is an issue of public safety. And if I call this an invasion, sir, I’m not a racist. I can assure you I’m not racist.

“I want to make sure that fentanyl doesn’t indiscriminately kill any race, religion, color or creed. Because fentanyl doesn’t care where you’re from,” he added, alluding to the record amount of opioids being seized by Biden’s border patrol, giving worrying hints as to how much is coming into the country undetected.

“Now there’s been a break in the dam, and I think that’s pretty obvious,” he continued, referring to the record-shattering number of illegal aliens who’ve crossed the Southwest U.S. border since President Joe Biden took office in January of 2021.

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“And the reason why we have to be careful of what we call and what we deem racist moving forward in the future is because we start to lose focus on what the actual problem is,” Hunt explained. “This administration and the Democrat Party, unfortunately, uses race as a scapegoat for everything. And as somebody who wants to make sure that we do attack racist issues when they do occur, we can’t be the boy who cried wolf and blame racism all the time.

“There are issues of race. That need to be addressed, and sir, this ain’t one of them,” he concluded.

Apprehensions at the Southwest U.S. border topped well over 2 million last year for the first time, with the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimating that nearly 6 million illegal aliens have crossed the border unlawfully - including hundreds of thousands of “getaways” - in the roughly two years since Biden first took office. While the vast majority of those hail from Mexico, other Central American countries, and Haiti, the illegal aliens caught in 2022 hailed from dozens of countries all over the world, nullifying the left’s claim that those who want stronger border enforcement are targeting a specific ethnicity or nationality.

Which is Hunt’s entire point - not that liberals much care about the facts, or the opinions of a black man who doesn’t toe their line.

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