This Black Man Befriends Klansmen, and Changes Lives

Maureen Collins | August 16, 2017
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Over the weekend, we saw how radical leftist groups like Antifa fight the Klu Klux Klan. Neither side is righteous, and it never ends well.

But here is a man who has found a truly radical way of combating racists: by actually sitting down and listening to them. 

Daryl Davis is a musician, actor and writer who happens to be black. Instead of meeting the KKK with violent protests, he sits down and has conversations with them. 

"Give that person a platform, allow them to air their views and people will reciprocate," said Davis in a documentary on his life titled "Accidental Courtesy."

Over the past several decades, Davis has befriended many Klan members, and that relationship has helped change their minds. 

"I never set out to convert any body," he said, "In my quest, some of them ended up converting themselves." 

Wow! That's the beauty of civil discourse. Instead of trying to silence the other side by shutting down debate or engaging in violence, we should sit down and have an actual conversation. The simple act of exchanging ideas has changed many more minds than any protest has. 

As for the Left's obsession with removing any statue from the Confederacy, Davis has an interesting point. He says he's collected many pieces of Klan memorabilia over the years, and even has an entire closet full of Klan robes given to him by ex-members who rejected the group after becoming his friend.

Many people tell him he should destroy these symbols of hate, but he says in the documentary: "You don't burn our history regardless of the good, the bad, or the ugly." 

If the Left truly wants to defeat the KKK, instead of using them as a tool for grandstanding, they'll follow Daryl Davis's lead. 

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