BLM Activist Arrested For Harassing Asian-Americans

Sergie Daez | March 30, 2021
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According to the Epoch Times, Christopher Allen Hamner, a 51-year-old Black Lives Matter activist, was arrested in Seattle on Thursday and subsequently charged with committing a hate crime and “three additional counts of malicious harassment” after allegedly violently accosting several Asian-Americans, including two children.

Pamela Cole was in her car with her two kids when Hamner belligerently confronted her on March 16, shouting racially offensive insults and throwing an unidentified object at them. 

Cole later posted on her Facebook account, “The kids and I were in utter shock and confusion cause we just couldn’t understand why he was targeting us especially since we hadn’t had any interactions with the man.”

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On March 19, Hamner waylaid two Asian-Americans in a car again. He reportedly cut them off with his own car, hurled racial insults their way, charged their vehicle and threw an unidentified object at it. He's now being held in jail under a $75,000 bail.

Ironically, Hamner had uploaded numerous posts decrying racism to his own Facebook account, marking another classic case of a leftist failing to follow what he professes.

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