Bloomberg Insults Struggling Americans: 'Inflation Ate Your Free Lunch, But You’re Still Better Off'

Brittany M. Hughes | June 24, 2022
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Struggling to stretch your paycheck to cover your increasingly high grocery bill?

Having heartburn every time you hit up the gas pump?

Worried about skyrocketing energy prices that are only set to get worse?

It’s probably because you were living too high on the hog in the first place.

At least, that’s according to one Bloomberg article, which joins a mounting pile of left-wing media attempts to cover for the Biden administration’s epic failures and their devastating impact on Americans’ wallets.

In a mind-blowing out of touch piece dismissing inflation as a no-biggie, opinion author Allison Schrager writes that the reason inflation has been so difficult to endure is because Americans have been enjoying a historic high quality of living, and it “had to end sometime.”

“We’ve basically been living a free lunch and now it’s about to end. And that means a drop in our living standards, at least for the next few years,” Schrager writes.

If you’re having trouble affording that 11-percent increase in grocery prices, you should just be grateful you have a dishwasher, she says. And yeah, it might cost an arm and a leg to fill up your tank, what with gas prices climbing well past $5 a gallon and all, but hey! At least you’ve got a smartphone, you greedy idiot.

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The reason prices are increasing, she says, is because years of low interest rates spurred technology advances and growth across consumer-based industries that made life almost too easy, especially in urban areas. But now that interest rates are higher and labor is in short supply, people may not be able to afford more expensive food delivery, ride services, or subscription-based amenities.

Which, of course, is incredibly dismissive of the elephant in the room – one the Biden administration and its leftist media shills don’t want to acknowledge, because it’s politically inconvenient.

Inflation isn’t just hitting upper-class Americans in their fat wallets, and higher prices aren’t simply making it harder for otherwise bougie people to afford to latest Bentley model, or making the suburban elite think twice about ordering their nightly caviar. The increase in the cost of goods and services aren’t just forcing people to choose between walking and calling an Uber.

The hike in gas prices are hitting everyone from commuting workers and gas station owners to non-profits and farmersAcross-the-board increases in rent are leaving some tentants terrified. Double-digit increases at the grocery store are compounding Americans’ financial problems at the pump, forcing some people to abandon grocery stores for farm stands and forgo dining out, hitting restaurants – and their workers – hard.

And the economic woes under Biden haven’t been relegated only to high prices. Supply chain shortages have literally left grocery store shelves empty, cause a dearth of everything from meat to tampons. It’s been months, and desperate parents are still hunting for baby formula.

These issues aren’t just affecting wealthy folks who may grumble about how much more their vacation to Key West costs this year - they’re hitting low-income residents the hardest. The Urban Institute warned in March that historic inflation – which has only risen in the months since – puts a massive strain on low-income Americans and urban residents who are more likely to rent their home, are already struggling with food insecurity and access to good nutrition, and who may be at an increased risk of unemployment as transportation becomes too expensive to afford. The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports rising costs are increasing low-income families’ risk of homelessness.

These aren’t simple, easily-dismissed first-world problems. This isn’t merely about spoiled people not being able to buy the newest Smart Phone.

It’s about some people having to choose between groceries and their light bill.

And pooh-poohing the issue might keep the president from having to answer for it at the podium, but it doesn’t fix the very real problem for Americans.

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