Blumenthal Claims Ignorance After Repulsive Speech To Communist Group

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 20, 2021
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MRCTV readers likely read Nick Kangadis’ December 14 piece reporting on Democrat Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal’s attendance and speech at a CT-based awards ceremony thrown by the Connecticut World People’s Committee, a Marxist group affiliated with the Communist Party, USA. Many readers might have found that offensive – yet typical of Blumenthal.

And many might not be surprised to discover that Blumenthal is now claiming innocence in ignorance.

Indeed, now that people are ridiculing the man, Blumenthal (who is one of 100 members of the Senate telling YOU how to live) claims that, well, heck, he just didn’t know this was a communist event when he agreed to attend and then prepared and delivered a speech to the assembled Marxists.

As Nick reported, Blumenthal…

…not only attended, but spoke at an awards ceremony affiliated with the Communist Party USA and the ‘Marxist’ People’s World news website last Saturday.

The ‘Amistad Awards’ was and is reportedly used to recruit people to join the Communist Party.

And at the Hartford event, Blumenthal struck a strong Marxist chord, pushing the collectivist, anti-constitutional, Marxist-fascist Build Back Better scheme, and offering statements such as. "There is a lot to be working for in economic justice in racial equity , in establishing a fifteen-dollar minimum wage..."

Read: higher taxation and redistribution of wealth (as Marx spelled out in his instruction manual for tyranny called ‘The Communist Manifesto'), more redistribution of wealth, along with fascist command-and-control edicts by politicians over how businesses will be run, and also possible election-district gerrymandering, possible non-citizen voter registration, massive handouts to favored state and local politicians, and increasing institutional racism through quotas and penalties on private business for not conforming to said diktats, and a "minimum wage" concept pushed by Marx in Chapter Two of his lovely 1848 screed, and something, like virtually everything else Blumenthal pushes, that has utterly no foundation in the U.S. Constitution or in basic human ethics.

But now, after a massive backlash, Blumenthal is – SHOCK! – claiming ignorance.

In a phone interview Friday with the Hartford Courant, Blumenthal attempted to distance himself from the radioactivity, making new claims that might just ignite a reader’s sense of incredulity.

’My understanding was that this ceremony was strictly a labor event,’' Blumenthal said Friday in a telephone interview. ‘If I had known the details, I wouldn’t have gone. ... Let me just say very emphatically, I’m a Democrat and a strong believer in American capitalism. I have been consistently a Democrat and a strong supporter and believer in American capitalism.’’

Of course, it’s worth noting at the outset that this comically mischaracterizes the Democrat Party. Very few Democrats in the last 100 years have been “strong supporters” of capitalism. They, and many Republicans, have worked to undermine the principles of private property, real money, free speech, and freedom of contract that are the underpinnings of free markets.

It also is worth noting that Blumenthal’s particular claim of ignorance here is, as is often the case with him, unbelievable.

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As Christopher Keating observes, for National Review Online, Blumenthal’s attendance at the ceremonial gathering of the communist cult came in response to an invite from overt Marxists:

Blumenthal was invited by Communist Party members and ceremony emcees Lisa Bergmann and Ben McManus.

And Blumenthal’s visit included his opportunity to hear a statement by Bergmann – who explicitly extolled the wonders of communism – yet the great and wondrous Senator remained mum about it until many days after the public outcry…

’If you are not already part of the Communist Party, we invite you to participate and contribute and join,’ Bergmann said after Blumenthal’s speech concluded. ‘There’s more and more people talking about socialism in this country as it becomes more and more clear that capitalism is not going to work for our future.’

So, indeed, it strains credulity to think that Blumenthal was clueless about the nature, and organizers, of the event. And if one believes him, one must accept that this brilliant US Senator is so daft that he will accept an invite from a group, prepare a speech, and have his tax-paid staff create “certificates” for people involved with the group, yet not have the faintest clue that they stand for the philosophy that has underpinned the greatest slaughter of human beings in world history.

Pick your poison, defenders. And remember, this is the same Blumenthal who in 2008 claimed to have returned from military action in Vietnam. Which was not true.

At all.

After getting caught in the lie, he claimed he “misspoke,” and, typical of a collectivist, portrayed as the attackers those calling him out for his lie.

Of course, we all are free to come to our own conclusions about this matter.

Well, not really “free.”

Blumenthal and his ilk have worked hard to make us less free every day they walk the tax-waxed halls of the Senate.

And, like his attempt to hide his connection to deadly world communism, it seems as if the Senator would like to hide that from us.

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