Border Agents Working Without Pay Still Caught Over 17,000 Illegals During the Government Shutdown

Brittany M. Hughes | February 1, 2019
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While Democratic congressmen were busy vacationing in Hawaii and partying in Puerto Rico during the recent 35-day partial government shutdown, border agents whose paychecks were caught in the middle of the stalemate were busy working without a paycheck, arresting thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens, thousands more pounds of drugs, and busting over a dozen stash houses.

According to local reports, border agents in the Rio Grande Valley – one of the busiest sectors of the Southwest U.S. border – apprehended a stunning 17,000 aliens who crossed the U.S. border illegally during the government shutdown. reports:

"During the shutdown, agents seized nearly 900 pounds of cocaine and actually seized over 15,000 pounds of marijuana," said Medina. "19 stash houses were also dismantled."

And it's not slowing down.

"Our December numbers are not yet released, but for October, November 2018, we're averaging 20,000 illegal aliens a month," said Medina.

Medina added that border agents didn’t stop working during the last shutdown, and they don’t plan to quit if the government stalls out again on Feb. 15.

"The Border Patrol agents here in the Rio Grande Valley and across the nation took an oath," said Medina.