Born a Woman? Congrats On Your 'Privilege' Says 'Oppressed' Man

Brittany M. Hughes | February 17, 2023
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Are you a biological woman? Were you, by no effort or choice of your own, born with anatomical lady bits? Have you spent your life living as a woman thanks to the simple fact that you are one?

Congrats. You’re oppressing mentally ill men with your privilege.

Or so says this “trans woman” - also known as a dude who thinks he’s a lady - who claims that “cis women,” the fancy liberal term for regular women, are “privileged” because they had the good fortune to be born in female bodies. Not so for “trans women,” who have to overcome the unfortunate reality that they don't have breasts, can pee standing up, and have to run a blade over their chin stubble at least once every few days.

“Being born a woman in a patriarchy is not a privilege,” this man with a dark 5 o’clock shadow begins. “You are absolutely oppressed by being a woman. No one is denying you that.”

Well thank you for mansplaining about my inherent persecution, Jawline. And here I was afraid my victimhood points might be slipping.

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Oh, but not so fast - despite being a woman who’s by her very feminine nature kept under the thumb of the oppressive male-dominated world in which we live, biological women are also “privileged” over transwomen - who, as we’ve all been lectured before, are more woman than actual women because their non-functioning lady part replicas cost thousands of dollars to construct in an operating room.

“The privilege is to be born cisgender. The privilege is to identify with what you were assigned at birth because the world is built to accept you,” he goes on.

“Even though you don’t have it great because you’re a woman, you don’t have it twice as bad because you’re trans,” he claims.

So have you got that? Women are inherently oppressed by biological men - unless you're a biological man who's trying to co-opt womanhood, in which case you're now the oppressed, and the woman is now the "privileged." And if you happen to be a trans man, meaning you're a biological woman (yay oppression points!) who identifies as a man (insert privilege points!) but who is also trans (more oppression points!)...well, I'm sure there's a liberal professor somewhere who's got a formula with which you can tabulate your Victimhood Score.

Thank God I’m not a leftist. The Oppression Olympics sounds utterly exhausting.