Boston Children’s Hospital Promotes ‘Safer Tucking’

Matt Philbin | August 19, 2022
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Much has been published lately about the caring, grounded and not at all agenda-driven professionals of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Gender Services, which includes the “Gender Multispecialty Service” and the Center for Gender Surgery (“Ask us about our Sibling-Switch two-for-one discount!”). 

But the media have given short shrift to the truly comprehensive gender affirming resources and services on offer. 

So thank goodness City Journal’s Christopher Rufo turned his eagle eye on the Gender Services “Patient Resources Page,” and noticed “Safer Tucking.” It’s a program from a NYC group called HOTT (Health Outreach to Teens), which bills itself as “a welcoming, non-judgmental, confidential program designed specifically to meet the health & wellness needs of LGBTQ young adults aged 13-24.”

“Tucking” is the process of a male manipulating his dangly bits to look like he has no dangly bits. The link from Boston Children's has a page with all kinds of helpful illustrations and “comfort tips” – indispensable items like “Duct tape is not recommended because it can tear hair, skin and cause rashes or irritation. However, if you do use duct tape, remember to shave …”

Hott also features a “Safe Binding” program for females who want to hide their breasts. Those are just two of the many resources Boston Children’s offers confused kids and the parents who don’t love them enough to point toward reality. 

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