Boxing Just Created a New Category For Trans Boxers In Order To Protect Actual Women

John Simmons | December 30, 2022
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The World Boxing Council (WBC) has added a transgender category for individuals who change their gender in an effort to protect women.

The announcement came on Thursday as WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman said the move came from a desire to assure that "the dangers of a man fighting a woman will never happen." 

“We will not allow — ever — a transgender born a man to fight a woman who was born a woman,” he continued.

The precedent for Sulaiman’s refreshing approach comes from the MMA, where Fallon Fox, a male posing as a female, cracked the skull of a female competitor in a fight in January 2020. Sulaiman is doing the best he can to prevent that from happening in his sport.

The new rules for each division state that biological males will compete against each other (and the same for females), but that men who "transition" to women will only be able to fight other biological men who've done the same. That same logic will also apply to biological females trying to become men. 

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“It is the time to do this, and we are doing this because of safety and inclusion. There should be no gray area around this, and we want to go into it with transparency and the correct decisions,” Sulaiman said.

Good to know that there's at least one sports leader who has a healthy dose of common sense.

Eventually, the roots of the transgender ideology need to be addressed, and Americans - and the world at large - will simply have to embrace common sense, put aside selfish desires, and realize that no matter how many surgeries you undergo, you cannot change your gender.

But for now, the WBC is doing the best they can given the current circumstances.