Brain Freeze? American Ski Team Focused On Climate Change 

Jay Maxson | February 7, 2023
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While freezing their tootsies atop lofty mountain peaks, America’s best alpine skiers will be sweating out the dubious threat of climate change during next week's competition. Team USA “Climate Change Kool-Aid" drinkers will be decked out in blue and white suits bearing replicas of satellite photos portraying melting icebergs floating in the (boiling) ocean.  

These misguided souls are displaying the politically charged ski suits during the world championship competition in Courchevel and Meribel, France, running Feb. 13-19. The suit was designed by Protect Our Winters and the apparel maker Kappa. 

Sophie Goldschmidt, who serves as president and CEO of U.S. Ski & Snowboard, admitted the symbolism won’t accomplish anything, but the intentions are oh so noble.: 

Although a race suit is not solving climate change, it is a move to continue the conversation and show that U.S Ski & Snowboard and its athletes are committed to being a part of the future.

A down year for snow pack in some parts of the world has the “global warming” kooks freaking out bigtime. Some World Cup ski events have been cancelled, so apparently that means the entire globe is super heating. Or so the alarmists will have us believe.  

U.S. skier Travis Ganong (seen in photo) fears that snow and his sport may become extinct someday soon, stating: “I’m just worried about a future where there’s no more snow. So this is very near and dear to me.” Protect Our Winters is afraid that winter will become a season without a future. 

Climate alarmists evidently define “global” as an area that doesn’t include the entire earth, not even their U.S. homeland. California ski area Mammoth Mountain currently has 250 inches of powder. Lake Tahoe has 195 inches and Park City, Utah has 95 inches. The snowpack at Wyoming’s Teton Village is up this year. “Regional” is the new “global.” 

Perhaps brain freeze can explain the alarmists’ fears? Ganong kept singing the blues about climate change.: 

I mean, it’s just kind of scary, looking at how on the limit (these events) are even to being possible anymore. Places like Kitzbuehel (Austria), there’s so much history and there’s so much money involved with that event that they do whatever they can to host the event. 

Then again, perhaps “Europe” is the new “global.” 

Whatever, Ganong is wondering “What kind of message do we need show to the public, to the world, about how our sport is adapting to this new world we live in?” 

Iceberg suits are the answer. Maybe the images will get through to stubborn deniers. 

Mario Molina, a Nobel Prize winner and Mexican chemist, says the solution is educating and mobilizing the snowsports community. It needs to campaign for the clean energy technologies that will reduce carbon emissions. 

That’s just what Ganong is planning to do. He and other ski athletes plan to send a letter to the International Ski Federation (FIS), urging a stronger demand for sustainability under the threat of climate change. He must not believe the iceberg suits will send a strong enough message to the world. 

Perhaps that letter should urge the governing body of world skiing to move their upcoming event to Mammoth Mountain and stop bellyaching about the farce that is so-called climate change. 

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