'This Is Absolutely Unfair': Princeton Hunger Strike Protesters Blame the School For Starving Them

Brittany M. Hughes | May 8, 2024

Pro-Palestine student protesters who went on a “hunger strike” in “solidarity” with people in Gaza are now complaining that their schools aren’t giving them regular medical check-ups and blaming administrators for trying to starve them to death.

Just to clarify here, we’re talking about students who’ve voluntarily denied themselves food.

"This is absolutely unfair. My peers and I, we are starving. We are physically exhausted. I am quite literally shaking right now as you can see,” one overweight, weeping Princeton student said into a megaphone. "We are both cold and hot at the same time. We are all immunocompromised and based on the university's meeting yesterday with some of our bargaining team, they would love to continue physically weakening us.”

Even still, she insisted that “No matter how physically weak we may be, united we have never been stronger!”

In another video, the same group blasted the school for “not monitoring our health. They are not keeping track of our vitals. They are not at all taking care of us in any regard.”

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"We will continue to starve until they meet our demands,” one female protester claimed.

It should be noted that if you’re standing on a campus surrounded by restaurants, a dining hall, and about 47 food delivery services, and you’re intentionally keeping yourself from eating in order to stand in “solidarity” with terrorists who murder, rape, and kidnap innocents? That stupidity is well and truly on you.

And if we're being honest? By the looks of it, most of you could stand to go a few days without food before blowing away in the wind.

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