Angry Joe Biden Melts Down on MSNBC Over Concerns About His Mental State

Brittany M. Hughes | July 8, 2024
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Joe Biden’s mad. Big mad.

Why? Well, because it turns out that constantly flubbing your words, wandering around like a lost goose, being unable to find the end of a sentence (or the end of a stage), and even forgetting where you’re at and to whom you’re speaking all tend to make people wonder if you’re capable of serving as the President of the United States. Which is exactly the question a lot of people - including many top Democrats - are now asking of Prez 46.

In an audio interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday, a phoned-in conversation that can only be described as uncomfortably weird, Biden nearly began yelling into the speaker, demanding to know how anybody could question his cognitive abilities after all he’s done for the country.

Like rampant inflation. And wars. And a border that’s spewing like a busted basement water pipe. To name a few.

“I’m here for two reasons, pal. One, to rebuild the economy so hardworking and middle class people, give everybody a shot,” Biden borderline hollered.

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“Number two, [unintelligible] always talks about how I don’t have the black support. Gimme a break. Come with me. Watch. Watch!” he ranted (how that's a reason to run for office, I have no idea - though it's likely Biden simply forgot what attributes he was listing).

“I’m getting so frustrated by the elites - I’m not talking about you guys - but the elites in the party, who think they know to much more,” Biden continued, appearing to openly lump the show hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough in with the more friendly of leftists in his camp.

The president then dared his Democrat critics to “challenge me at the convention,” which may very well be exactly what they do.

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