Biden To Hold a 'Big Boy Press Conference,' Per White House Staff

Brittany M. Hughes | July 8, 2024
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When we say we want the adults back in charge of the country, this isn't what we mean. 

Joe Biden will hold a “big boy press conference” later this week, according to senior White House officials who touted the 82-year-old addled president’s hefty schedule as some sort of proof he’s capable of doing the job for another four years. And yes, they really used the words "big boy" to describe the event.

Proof that apparently includes holding an actual press conference complete with questions and everything! As opposed to, you know, the toddler ones he’s more used to holding, where he reads from a teleprompter, can’t find the ends of his sentences, and his wife has to shuffle him offstage when it’s done.

“This week, President Biden will speak to national labor leaders of AFLCIO, host the NATO summit to show the unprecedented strength of our alliance, hold a press conference - a ‘big boy press conference,’ according to Justin Sink from Bloomberg,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during Monday’s press briefing with reporters.

Jean-Pierre was quoting from a question asked by a reporter during a similar press briefing late last week, in which Sink asked if Biden's upcoming meet with reporters would be "a real, big boy press conference that we’re used to," a phrasing that KJP mocked at the time.

But apparently, that's now the term the White House thinks they should begin using to describe any event where Biden actually has to respond to the media without a script. After all, we wouldn't want to start inviting jokes about Biden and his diapers.

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Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs John Kirby repeated the weird phrasing while also running down the president’s itinerary on Monday.

“The president will hold a press conference - I guess a ‘big boy press conference’ is what we’re calling it,” Kirby echoed, with KJP confirming, “Yes.”

Of course, it’s unclear whether the questions Biden will take will be sent to reporters ahead of time by his staff, who are clearly nervous about the president’s ability to understand and answer basic queries off the cuff.

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