Biden Says Climate Change Is 'More Frightening Than a Nuclear War'

Brittany M. Hughes | September 11, 2023
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Ever wonder what the greatest threat facing mankind might be?

Global war? Disease? Rampant crime, poverty, and desolation fueled by godlessness and a complete lack of morality? Nope. According to Joe Biden, it’s a relatively minor heat wave.

“The only existential threat humanity faces, even more frightening than a nuclear war, is global warming going above 1.5 degrees in the next 20, 10 years,” Biden said during a news conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.

He’s referring to a claim made by some scientists - certainly not all, but the ones we’re allowed to mention - who claim that the Earth’s overall temperature (again, not a real thing, but OK) increasing by another 1.5 degrees Celcius would put us over a “tipping point” from which we couldn’t return and would trigger a climate apocalypse that will surely kill us all.

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How many of those have we already survived, again? I’m losing count.

Even lefty outlets are a little skeptical. As the Washington Post put it back in August: “The 1.5 degrees Celsius mark isn't a magic tipping point — scientists don't know for certain that it will cause certain thresholds to be passed. But it does represent the hope of world governments to keep climate change at a somewhat manageable level.”

In layman’s terms, we just call that a lie.

Perhaps the greatest threat to mankind isn’t climate change, or nuclear war. It’s thieving politicians who knowingly feed people bullcrap to control their behavior and steal their money, then kick it back in their swanky beach houses while the rest of humanity suffers the fallout.