Biological Male Sets New Women's Track Records With Times That Would Have Been Last In Men's

Brittany M. Hughes | May 6, 2024

A male who believes he’s a woman won both the 200 & 400m women’s events at the Liberty League championship meet last Saturday, taking the first place spot in both events with times that would have landed him dead-last had he been competing against other men.

Sadie Schreiner, a biological male born “Camden” who represented the Rochester Institute of Technology, won the 400-meter event with a time of 55.07 and finished the 200 meters in 24.14 seconds. Both of those times would have come in last in the men’s events.

Instead, Schreiner set new records in the women’s events, despite not actually being a woman. Video posted to X by NCAA swim champs and women's sports advocate Riley Gaines shows Scheiner, easily a head taller than the women on the trace, absolutely demolishing his female competitors:

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If that weren’t bad enough, Schreiner also secured his team the win in the 4x400 relay, and it wasn't even close. His team - made up of all women, save for Schreiner - was in last place when Scheiner took the baton on the last leg, passing his female competitors on the track and clinching the win with a full 3-second lead.

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