Boston's Black Clergy Demand $15B In 'Reparations' From City, 'White Church'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 25, 2024
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Here’s a fun one: “racial justice” leaders and black clergy members in Boston are now demanding $15 billion - that’s billion, with a “b” - from the city and white churches as penance for what they say is the city’s role in the transAtlantic slave trade.

You know, the slave trade that’s been over for about 160 years in the United States? In fact, the practice of ferrying slaves from Africa to the United States was abolished in 1808, meaning it’s been done for nigh on 220 years.

And yet.

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During an event at Resurrection Lutheran Church, Black clergy leaders representing the Boston People's Reparations Commission said the $15 billion will be the initial start to “reparations” to “atone for Black Boston’s suffering," saying they've "come to get our checks.” The group called the $15 billion a start to what they believe the Black community is owed, but never said just how much they think it will take to satisfy them in the long run - if such a thing can be accomplished.

In the meantime, they say they want $5 billion in “initial” cash payouts to Black Bostonians, another $5 billion to launch a “Black bank” - because segregation is cool again, y’all - and yet another $5 billion to “address the education achievement gap” between Black students and White kids in Boston.

“We still suffer from the trauma of those instances and even today dealing with racism,” one clergy member stated at a press conference.

The group also demanded that white churches in Boston “pay what is owed” - whatever that might be - for their role in supporting the slave industry nearly a hundred years before the incandescent light bulb was invented.

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