Cali Bill Would Give Tax-Funded Legal Support to Violent Criminal Aliens

Brittany M. Hughes | March 11, 2024
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If you’re one of the few sane-minded Californians who doesn’t appreciate your state importing criminal aliens and allowing them to commit heinous crimes in your community, you might wanna hold on to your butt for this one.

Because you might be about to start paying their legal bills.

True story. If passed and signed into law, the Representation, Equity, and Protections (REP) for All Immigrants Act, introduced by Democrat Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, would mandate that the already crime-ridden, debt-dragging state foot the bill for immigration-related legal support even for criminal aliens convicted of violent felonies.

Per the bill’s current wording, “Existing law prohibits use of the grant funds” - provided by the federal Office of Refuge Resettlement - “to provide legal services to an individual who has been convicted of, or who is currently appealing a conviction for, a violent or serious felony. This bill would remove that prohibition on the use of funds for those individuals.”

The bill would expand a state program launched in 2015 that provides public funding for NGOs that provide support to immigrants and illegal aliens, freeing up federally-provided funding to assist convicted criminals. According to Jones-Sawyer, the new rules would increase the "racial justice and equity" of the program.

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“For as long as I have been in state office, I have worked towards ensuring people are given a second chance and have championed efforts to prevent people from being treated as second-class individuals. The REP for All Immigrants Act ensures racial justice and truly equitable access to crucial immigration services for all – not some," he said.

So now we’re not just talking about illegal aliens who came into the country unlawfully, or who intentionally overstayed their visas - all bad enough. Now we’re talking about forcing law-abiding, hardworking taxpayers to foot the bill for immigration lawyers for criminal aliens  found guilty of things like murder and rape to enable them to remain in the United States.

We’ve known for years that the Golden State has a serious drug problem. Maybe it’s finally leaked into the water supply.

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