Chile's All-Women SWAT Team Hilariously BOMBS Int'l Obstacle Course Challenge

Brittany M. Hughes | February 6, 2024
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Oh, Chile. What a pioneer and champion of women's rights, you are.

The South American country recently put up an all-women SWAT team in the UAE SWAT Challenge 2024, a sort-of "International Ninja Warrior" obstacle course-style race that started with a light jog and moved on to a zip line over an ice bath. Honestly, we're not sure what came next, given that...well...let's just say the ladies had a heck of a time moving themselves along the wire to the other side. And...uh...

Well, it was an all-women SWAT team. It went about how you'd expect.

Here's video from the event. You might want to set your drink down for this one.

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