Chinese Migrant Who Can't Vote Elected to San Fran's Election Commission

Brittany M. Hughes | February 19, 2024
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A Chinese woman who can’t legally vote in the United States has just been elected to San Francisco’s Election Commission, in case you were wondering how things were going over in the land of dirty needles, human crap, and utter stupidity.

Her name is Kelly Wong, and she’s an immigrant from Hong Kong who came to the U.S. in 2019. She’s the first non-citizen to be elected to the city’s commission after voters elected to remove the citizenship requirement to serve on local boards and commissions back in 2020. (Because why would you want someone to actually be able to vote in the place where they’re overseeing the rules for…you know…voting? How silly.)

Oh, and to make matters even more fun, Wong, an immigrant rights advocate who is apparently fluent in English, gave her victory interview in Chinese. So there’s that.

Board of Supervisors president Aaron Peskin said he had high hopes for Wong’s “commitment to enfranchising people who rarely vote, to educating people about the voting process, and to bring in noncitizens and get them the tools they need as they become citizens.”

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Pretty sure we can all read between the lines on that last one.

For her part, Wong said she hopes to give people who don’t speak English the tools they need to get more involved in the elections process.

"I’ve seen how language and cultural barriers prevent immigrants with limited English proficiency from fully exercising their right to vote," Wong said. "Is there a way to do voter outreach that is not just about translation but can touch on political education while maintaining neutrality and impartiality in elections?”

Knowing Democrats? Probably not. But I doubt putting a Chinese non-citizen on a board to help non-English-speaking migrants vote is really about “impartiality” in the first place.

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