Cincinnati Children's Trains Doctors On How to Hide Kids' 'Transition' Treatment From Parents

Brittany M. Hughes | January 5, 2024
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Contrary to what they’ve said in public statements - including those made in court - internal videos show Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, one of Ohio’s top medical facilities for minors, is actively working to hide kids’ gender confusion from parents.

In training videos obtained by the Daily Wire, physicians at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital openly discussed ways to keep parents from finding out that their child was being treated for gender dysphoria, including keeping parents of gender-confused girls from finding out their underage daughter was being given medication to stop her period.

“Some kids aren’t ready to tell the parents, and we shouldn’t out them,” explained Dr. Lee Ann Conard, the center’s director, in the hour-long video put out by the hospital's Transgender Clinic. “If the kid doesn’t wanna talk to the parent…are there things that we can do medically to help? We can refer a child for therapy without the parent knowing that the kid told us they’re transgender. If they’re having significant anxiety and depression, the other thing is menstrual suppression.”

In the same training seminar, Evie Heflin, a social worker with the hospital’s transgender clinic, said doctor’s shouldn’t specifically reference transgenderism in a minor patient’s medical records in case they belong to a non-“affirming” family.

“It is really important to think about with the Cares Act, and like, families having more direct access to medical records, to really think about how we’re charting and the things that we’re putting in there. We want to make sure that we’re able to protect the safety and the privacy of our patients, especially for families that might not be affirming,” said Heflin, who is a biological woman who believes herself to be a man.

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And lest you think this only applies to kids who show up at the hospital with gender confusion and suicidal ideations, it gets worse. In the video, Conard suggests physicians begin screening kids as young as three for gender dysphoria during routine annual exams, saying that toddler boys, for instance, could be asked during the “confidential part of the annual exam” - i.e., when mom and dad aren’t present - if they “want to wear a tutu and go to dance class.” Saying "yes" earns the child an immediate referral to gender therapy, and it becomes the hospital’s job to “help the family understand and get them into our care so that we can help,” Conard says.

All of this flies in the face of public statements made by the hospital in support of Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s recent veto of a bill that would have outlawed medical castrations and gender “transition” hormone therapy for children. In court testimony, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital President and CEO Steve Davis claimed the bill “would hinder doctors and parents from collaboratively deciding the best treatment for their children” before insisting that parental consent in a child’s medical treatment is always required, the Daily Wire reports. In fact, DeWine’s veto itself hinges on the categorically flawed idea that lawmakers shouldn’t stand in the way of what medical procedures - including, apparently, the non-medically necessary butchering of healthy body parts - that parents elect for their own children, assuming at face value that parents are always in the know and are at the forefront of every medical decision made for their child.

There’s just one problem - to a doctor, pills equal money. And when a hospital financially benefits from prescribing kids hormone drugs, pesky little things like parental consent tend to get swept under the rug.

And when “treatment” hinges on an answer you get from a toddler about whether he wants to dance, you can get more than a few little tikes to sign up for all kinds of stuff, especially when mommy and daddy aren’t in the room.

Thankfully, Ohio’s GOP-controlled legislature is already looking into overriding DeWine’s veto - and hopefully saving countless vulnerable kids from falling victim to the insane left’s war on families.

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