Climate Nuts Vandalize 200-Year-Old Monument in London

Brittany M. Hughes | October 25, 2023
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Three morons were arrested after climate activists with the group “Just Stop Oil” vandalized a 200-year-old monument in London Wednesday.

According to this, nut jobs who think the best way to stop the world from catching on fire is to deface historical artifacts and chuck mashed potatoes at famous paintings this time targeted the centuries-old Wellington Arch, spraying it with paint from fire extinguishers. Photos from after the vandalism show the monument’s iconic columns covered in garish orange.

One of the criminals, 26-year-old Joshua Lane, told reporters he felt “compelled to take action” against “the biggest crisis in history” - global warming.

Forty-year-old Joe Hogan, Lane’s comrade in crime, said upon his arrest: “I’m angry. I’m anxious. I’m depressed. We are out of time; we have to act now.”

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Of course, climate crazies have little to offer by way of suggestion as to how to stop the climate apocalypse short of immediately banning all fossil fuels, which would trigger the collapse of civilization as we know it and lead to the near-instant starvation of millions of people. But hey.

The Wellington Arch, also called the “Constitution” or “Green Park” Arch, was built between 1826–1830 and commemorates the British victories in the Napoleonic Wars.

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