Dad BLASTS School Board For Secret LGBTQ Clubs For Third Graders

Brittany M. Hughes | March 14, 2024
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At least one dad absolutely obliterated his local school board after news broke that an area elementary school had been hosting secret LGBTQ clubs for third graders.

Third graders.

According to local reports, a third grade teacher at Pleasant Grove Elementary in Elk Grove, California, was “allowed to personally invite all third grade classes to a new LGBTQ club he was starting called the ‘You Be You Club.’”

One local mom said the teacher told students the club was for “boys who crush on boys and girls who crush on girls,” but that “anyone should come cause there are games there that you can’t find anywhere else.”


On top of that, she said the club wasn’t listed on the weekly parent newsletter alongside other clubs, it didn’t require parental permission like other clubs, and was held at lunchtime during regular school hours instead of outside the normal school day like other clubs. All of this, she (likely rightly) pointed out, was done in an effort to intentionally hide the club from parents.

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One dad wasn’t having it - and he let the school board know it. Check out his blistering response:

This is the same school district, mind you, that last year forced students to attend a school-wide assembly in which other students performed in provocative drag attire. In March of 2023, unbeknownst to parents, the Pleasant Grove High School's  “Multicultural Expo” included a drag show put on by other students, which began with one performer calling the display a “protest” for “[drag] queens and transgender youth and ended with a group of boys in short skirts and skin-tight spandex dancing and gyrating to the beat of pop music while the audience of teachers and fellow students cheered them on.

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