'DeSantis Airlines' Brings 300 Americans Home From Israel

Brittany M. Hughes | October 16, 2023
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has safely evacuated nearly 300 Americans from Israel, according to reports Sunday night.

According to reports, 270 American passengers, including 91 kids, arrived at Tampa International Airport from Israel just before 8 p.m. Sunday. DeSantis posted a video to social media just before the flight touched down, saying that he and his wife, Casey, were on the tarmac ready to welcome the new arrivals after landing.

DeSantis on Thursday signed an executive order to charter flights into Israel and bring back stranded American citizens from what’s now a nation at war, directing the Florida Division of Emergency Management to coordinate flights to begin transporting the 1,000 or so American citizens and Florida residents currently in Israel back to the United States, should they want to come.

Also on Thursday, the Biden administration said that it will launch a similar rescue mission for the tens of thousands of American citizens stuck in Israel, with the first planes scheduled to leave last Friday. The State Department said they expect to “facilitate the safe departure of thousands of U.S. citizens per week.”

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However, the feds say Americans who get on those planes will not be transported home, but will be taken to a safe country and left on their own to work out the remainder of the trip to the U.S. In addition, the tickets won't be free. 

In email provided to NBC Bay Area, the State Department explained to American travelers out of Israel, "You will be asked to sign an agreement to repay the U.S. government prior to department. You should be prepared to arrange your own lodging and onward travel ... to your final destination. U.S. Embassy officials will be available to help you when you arrive." 

The Florida Division of Emergency Management also stated on Sunday that the state is willing to help American citizens dropped off in Athens by the Biden administration find their way to the U.S.

“If you are stranded in Athens and in need of safe transportation back to the United States, we may be able to assist you,” it posted. “Please complete our form at http://FloridaDisaster.org/Israel and share it with anyone who may need assistance.”

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