Duke Graduates Walk Out of Ceremony Over Jewish Commencement Speaker Jerry Seinfeld

Brittany M. Hughes | May 13, 2024

A large chunk of students at Duke University walked out in protest of the school’s commencement speaker during the main graduation ceremony over the weekend - all because the speaker, whose name you’ll probably recognize, is a pro-Israel Jew.

Video shows dozens of graduates storming out of the event after Duke University president Vincent Price introduced comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld to the podium. The protesting students walked off carrying a huge Palestinian flag as Seinfeld took the stage, while the crowd erupted in loud “boos”  - but, thankfully, most of those didn't appear aimed at the speaker.

Instead, the audience heckled protesters as they huffed off the field before erupting into loud chants of, “Jerry! Jerry!”

Check it out:

Seinfeld has been vocal in his support of Israel following Hamas’ terrorist attack on Oct. 7, where they tortured, raped, and murdered more than 1,200 Israeli civilians and kidnapped another 252, including infants. In the weeks following the massacre, Seinfeld visited Israel and toured affected communities.

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Despite having strong opinions on the matter, Seinfeld declined to mention the war during his speech, choosing instead to focus on the hard work of the graduates and encouraging them to continue being passionate in pursuing their dreams.
A master class in how to honor a moment without making it all about you - which is more than I can say for whiny protesters who think the world revolves around their feelings.

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